Immunology Laboratory

Shifa International Hospital has invested in establishment of laboratory services of immunology. A very experienced and UK trained immunologist was hired to establish these services. The laboratory has moved rapidly to establish comprehensive and specialized laboratory services for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, immune deficiency diseases, allergy, paraprotienemias, immunophenotyping, study of renal and skin biopsies and transplant related investigations. The laboratory services include interpretative comments and the consultant is available for consult on telephone or with appointment. An extensive panel of tests are being carried out in this laboratory which include inhaled allergens, food allergens, autoimmune neurological profile, autoimmune liver profile, Celiac disease profile, connective tissue disorder profile, tests for vasculitidies, tests for anti-phospholipid syndrome, tests for cryglobulins, autoantibodies for systemic sclerosis, autoantibodies for myositides, auto antibodies for type 1 diabetes mellitus and autoimmune, Addison disease, immune deficiency diseases, tests for hereditary angiedema, tests for paraprotein related conditions (including multiple myeloma and MGUS), tests for transplant, immunophenotyping, Haematolymphoid malignancies and immunofluorescense based studies of renal and skin biopsies.