Shifa International Hospital provides optimum neuro surgical facilities. A team of 4 neurosurgeons has vast experience in dealing with brain tumors, spinal procedures and vascular and endoscopic procedures. High quality care for neuro surgical trauma patients, high quality equipment for spinal fixation and excellent neuro-monitoring facilities are available here. Neurology at Shifa compliments the Neurosurgery and thus Shifa becomes patient’s ultimate choice.

The neurosurgery department believes in providing international standard services. We believe in providing complete information and a close patient physician contact.


Trauma Services

We maintain a 24-hour emergency service with complete coverage of all sorts of head injuries and spinal injuries. The outcome of trauma service resides in the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment. Because of the availability of 24-hour Brain scan service, we treat our patients with utmost urgency and the outcome of such endeavors is comparable to any other trauma service around the world.

Our head injury patients are benefited not only by the rapidity of our clinical intervention but also by the magnificent postoperative care provided with the help of state-of-the-art intensive care unit with intracranial pressure monitoring and ventilatory support which can make a difference between life and death.

Brain & Spinal Cord Tumor Service

We are geared with the capacity to provide excision of all sorts of brain and spinal cord tumours with preservation of normal functions to the best of our abilities. We are helped in this effort by pre-operative somatosensory evoked potential monitoring and brain mapping technology, which helps preserve normal brain from pathological tumour. We are also helped by the histopathological laboratory, which provides immediate frozen sectioning of biopsy specimens, which also helps in complete clearance of the tumour residues.

We are further helped by the in-house scanning in immediate postoperative period, which keeps the postoperative complications to the bare minimum. In the immediate postoperative period, the presence of a world standard I.C.U. with invasive monitoring of intracranial pressure, continuous systolic blood pressure and arterial blood gases serves as additional tools for the patient care.

Vascular Service

We have complete set of aneurysm clips and we perform surgery for all sorts of intracranial hemorrhages, may it be spontaneous or traumatic.

We also perform carotid and arterectomies and extracranial – intracranial bypass procedures in selected patients.

Pain Control Service

We provide surgical relief to different facial pains, trigeminal neuralgia and glossopharynegal neuralgia in addition to non-surgical interventions, which include injection of nerves.

Cranial & Spinal Endoscopy

We have recently obtained a modern endoscope, which helps us in minimally invasive neurosurgery. By Endoscope, we can perform different procedures like treating hydrocephalus in children, removing clots from deeper parts of brain and taking biopsies from deep seated tumours with minimal brain handling.

Endoscope is also helpful in spinal surgeries for tracing any piece of tissue from ruptured disc, which has moved away from the site of surgery.

Epilepsy Surgery

In selected patients, surgical treatment of epilepsy surgery will be available in a short time. We are working on the arrival of certain instruments, which will be available in a short time (within weeks).

Pediatric Neurosurgery Service

We provide state-of-the-art service of pediatric Neuro Endoscopy for hydrocephalus.

We also provide surgical treatment for childhood disorders including craniostenosis, large head for age, myelomeningocele, and developmental defects in spinal cord closure.

Skull Base & Spinal Surgery Service

In this we provide surgical excision for deep-seated skull base tumours. Cervical and lumbar spine plating, disc excision and tumour excision are also being provided.

Research Activities

We are also involved in stem cell research and their role in repair of injured spinal cords.