Nutrition is an integral part of the medical care. It focuses on the impact of foods and nutrients on health and disease management. Nutrition therapy provides the nutrient prescription, which includes an oral diet, dietary supplement, enteral and parenteral nutrition for caring of hospitalized and home patients.New and improved diets and delivery techniques are used to administer nutrients both safely and effectively in Shifa, based on the latest research available in the field of nutrition globally.

The approach of providing dedicated care to patients regarding nutritional management is complete and involves the goal of setting a road map to guide the patient towards a desirable nutritional status and healthier lifestyle.

Every nutritional plan is tailor-made for each patient, depending on the patient life-style, eating habits and medical history. State of art computer assessment tools are employed in order to precisely determine the fat, lean body mass and water contents of the patient body, and the patient unique basal metabolic rate by the Body Composition Analyzer. This can help to determine the goal of the tailored nutritional plan for the patient. Special nutrition programs include hyper lipidemia, diabetes, eating disorders and hypertension treatment. Extended treatment program service is available as a continuation of the above mentioned treatments, if the patient condition warrants it. Regarding weight management, patient receives a potent behavior modification training and cognitive restructuring in order to remove the underlying causes of the excess weight. The department also provides supervised, patient specific healthy diet and exercise plan which is designed to achieve permanent weight management.