Operation Theater

Operation Theatre facilities are provided by a multidisciplinary team responsible for your care. Shifa International Hospital operation theatre facilities include operating theatres, anesthetic rooms, pump rooms, sterile supply areas, and scrub areas. The whole operation theatre facility encompasses of

  • Post Anesthetic Care Unit (recovery)
  • Operating Rooms
  • Extended Day Surgery Unit (EDSU)
  • Day Surgery Unit (DSU)

If you are booked for a procedure, you will be asked to be present at Theatre Reception where the administrative staff will commence your admission process.  It is important that you bring with you documents that are relevant to your admissions such as your test results or any medical imaging (x-rays) that may be related to the condition that requires you to have surgery.
The physician and nursing staff will conduct a pre-operative assessment in order to ensure that you are ready for your surgery and you will be prepared your surgery.