Post-Transplant Care

Our post-liver transplantation care facilities have been running since June 2009. We offer a comprehensive service for patients after their liver transplantation. A large number of patients are currently being followed up on regular basis in our liver transplant outpatient clinic.

The Team

A team of liver transplant surgeons and hepatologists is supported by our pathology and interventional radiology department to participate in this whole process. Clinical specialist nurses along with our transplant coordinators as well as our IT team are busy day and night streamlining each and every aspect of care for post-liver transplant patients.

Individual Attention

Each and every patient gets individualized and specific follow-up on one basis. We are really proud of this service and every patient can confirm how this service works.

Immuno Suppression Drug Monitoring

Our liver transplant services have established immunosuppression drug monitoring facilities in collaboration with our pathology department. All patient in our post-liver transplant follow-up regularly participates in this monitoring process.

Management of Post Liver Transplant Complications

We have written protocols in place to diagnose and manage all post-liver transplant complications like rejection, recurrence of viral infection, biliary leaks, biliary stenosis, and renal, cardiological, metabolic, and endocrinological complications of immunosuppressant drugs. We are supported by our pathology and radiology department in particular in these management areas.