Pre Transplant Evaluation

Making an appointment

Liver Transplant Clinic mostly accepts patients for assessment by prior appointment. You can make an appointment by contacting us using our direct line 051-8463846 or by emailing your query at

Initial Paperwork

We would normally ask you to provide copies of all your previous investigations and any other relevant past medical records after accepting your name for the appointment. These documents are screened by our preliminary medical assessment team, who will then fix a time and date for your appointment.

On Arrival

After arrival at Liver Transplant Clinic, our unit receptionist will take you through your Registration Process.

Initial Assessment

A preliminary interview and assessment will be carried out by a specialist nurse to document your temperature, pulse, BP, and other relevant measurements.

Detailed Assessment

Detailed Interviews and assessments will be undertaken by one of our Liver Transplant Physicians or Surgeons. This session may last between 20 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of your medical condition. A detailed medical history is usually followed by a thorough clinical examination to get a full assessment of your existing clinical condition.

Inpatient Investigation Stream

Most patients require admission to the hospital to undertake full pre-transplant investigations. Patients are admitted to special private rooms where they are put in a fast-track investigation stream to complete the pre-transplant assessment process within the shortest possible time. A specifically nominated Liver Transplant Coordinator will facilitate this whole process.

Outpatient Investigation Stream

There is a small percentage of patients who might already have undergone appropriate and reliable tests. These patients are put in the outpatient investigation stream and would normally not require to be admitted. The specialist nurse will complete their investigation request paperwork and a Liver Transplant Coordinator will take them through a fast track, investigation protocol specifically arranged for such patients.

Decision time

On completion of your assessments and investigations, one of our Transplant physicians would review these and make final recommendations about your suitability or otherwise for a Liver Transplant. The Transplant physician will personally convey this decision and the basis for making his/her recommendations. All patients found suitable for a liver transplant would be enrolled on the Liver Transplant Waiting List. These patients are given an individualized care plan with special and preferential access to our outpatients and inpatient assessment areas.