Psychiatry Department of Shifa International Hospital launched the School Mental Health Program, designed to cultivate the mental well-being of students


The event welcomed Principals and Coordinators from various schools, both private and public sectors, including Supernova School, Pak Turk International, Beacon House, Froebel’s International School, Westminster International School and Islamabad Model College for Girls.
The School Mental Health Program was introduced to raise awareness about mental health in schools, creating an environment that supports and nurtures students’ emotional well-being.
Dr. Abdul Wahab Yousafzai, Consultant Psychiatrist and Head of the Psychiatry Department, extended a warm welcome to the attendees. He emphasized the significance of mental health in school children for their overall development.
Dr. Nosheen Kazmi, Consultant Psychiatrist and Pioneer of the School Mental Health Program discussed the challenges faced by school children, teachers and parents. She introduced Shifa International Hospital’s School Mental Health Program, illustrating how it can aid children, teachers and parents in understanding and addressing mental health conditions. She added that a sustainable mental health program is the next step to achieve and strengthen this journey.
Ayesha Tariq, Clinical Psychologist, explained strategies for nurturing young minds through educational support and specialized diagnostic techniques for mental health issues available at Shifa’s Psychiatric Department.
Representatives of schools applauded Shifa for their efforts and agreed to collaborate with Shifa International Hospital.
In closing remarks, Dr. Zeeshan Bin Ishtiaque, Chief Executive Officer of Shifa International Hospital, emphasized the importance of continuous and proactive measures to promote mental health in schools.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony Held at SIH
Flag Hoisting Ceremony Held at SIH