Pulmonology refers to the branch of medical sciences that deal with diagnosing and treating diseases of the respiratory tract. The human body relies on a healthy, continuously functioning respiratory tract to support bodily functions. If it suffers any medical complications, the health of the entire body is adversely affected. This classifies it as a branch of intensive care since any issues to the respiratory tract develop immediate and critical medical complications that must be treated immediately.

Pulmonologists are specialists in the respiratory system who diagnose, assist and treat patients with diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, and chest-related issues. Under certain circumstances, pulmonologists may move a patient to artificial life support systems when their respiratory system fails to function effectively and also coordinate with cardiothoracic surgeons for complicated issues.

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Shifa Department of Pulmonology

Shifa Pulmonology department is equipped with the latest medical equipment, facilitating pulmonologists to utilize advanced testing techniques for precisely diagnosing any respiratory complication. The treatment provides comprehensive treatment for patients ailing from both common and complex respiratory issues of the lungs, trachea, internal airways, and chest area. The pulmonologists rely on minimally invasive techniques where possible to achieve reduced post-operation stress and faster recovery time.
A trained and experienced team of pulmonologists treat respiratory complications of various natures, ranging from infectious and structural to being inflammatory or tumorous in nature. This necessitates the understanding of the cardiovascular system as well since the disease can also affect other organs of the body. In such medical cases, a team is formed with cardiovascular specialists who assist in the case with their relevant set of comprehensive expertise.

Shifa pulmonology services are designed to suit both common and advanced medical complications to provide patients the full spectrum of facilities to avail. The pulmonary specialists work in collaboration with oncologists, neurologists, urologists, and cardiothoracic specialists to achieve precise diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Following are the services provided under the department:

  • Bronchoscopy for Examining the Internal Airways
    An endoscopic technique used for determining diagnosis and therapeutic purposes. A bronchoscope is inserted into the airways usually through the mouth or nose to get visual readings of any abnormalities such as bleeding, foreign bodies, inflammation, or tumors.
  • Bipap
    A Bipap is a machine that shares similar functions to a CPAP machine and used for therapy on patients suffering from sleep apnea. Being a non-invasive treatment, Bipaps are commonly used for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • PFTs
    The department houses the latest pulmonary function testing machine (KoKoPx 4000) which is used for precise and accurate diagnosis of breathing and lung diseases. It further improves the quality of results as per International standards and ensures patient safety and affordability. PFTs or pulmonary function tests are noninvasive tests performed on patients to examine their lungs. PFTs help in measuring different metrics such as lung capacity, volume, gas exchange, and rates of flow. This helps pulmonologists diagnose and treat certain lung disorders.
  • Pleurodesis to Remove Fluid Buildup in The Lungs
    Pleurodesis is a procedure used to effectively eliminate the space between the two layers of the lung lining so that fluids such as water, blood, or pus cannot build up between the layers and cause medical complications and diseases.
  • Pleural Biopsy for Extracting Tissue Sample from Pleura
    Pleural biopsy is a procedure performed for checking diseases and infections inside the chest by removing a sample of the tissue lining the lungs. This helps pulmonologists effectively diagnose pleural effusions in the patient.
  • Chest Tube Insertion
    Chest tube insertion is a procedure that uses a flexible plastic tube for inserting through the chest wall to remove air, fluid, or pus from the intrathoracic space. The procedure is also known as a Bülau drain or an intercostal catheter.
  • Life Support Ventilation Systems
    A life support ventilation system is a machine used when lung functions fail. Life support ventilation systems can help get oxygen into the lungs, promote easier breathing, assist breathing during surgery and remove carbon dioxide from the body.
  • Treatment of Abnormal Sleep Cycles
    Treatment for irregular sleep cycles involves a range of therapies with the aim of trying to increase the stimulation of sleep and restore a healthy sleep cycle. Breathing disorders and abnormalities can be contributing factors to disturbed sleep cycles.

Our Pulmonology Clinic is expert-driven by the best pulmonologist in Islamabad:

Dr. Aftab Akhtar
Consultant, Pulmonology & Critical Care

Dr. Ghulam Haider Khalid
MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), FCPS (Pulmonology)
Consultant, Pulmonology & Critical Care

Dr. Syed Murtaza Hassan Kazmi

MBBS, MRCP(UK), FRCP(Glasg), CCT- Respiratory & GIM (UK), SCE- Respiratory Medicine (UK)
Consultant, Pulmonology & Critical Care

Dr. Abdul Quddus Anwar
Consultant Pulmonologist & Critical Care

Dr. Majid Shafiq
Consultant Pulmonologist & Critical Care