Qualified Medical Professionals

Shifa offers services in 30 plus clinical specialties (all major Medical and Surgical Specialties) under supervision of around 200 internationally experienced & fellowship trained consultants under one roof in Pakistan.

Since healthcare is an HR-intensive industry and without quality human resources one cannot even conceive building a hospital, SHIFA has put great emphasis on training and development of medical professionals – from consultants to young doctors and from nurses to technicians in different specialties. This purpose is being achieved through investment in training and close collaboration with Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University (STMU). The quality of training can be gauged by the fact that STMU graduates have secured highest scores in United States Medical Licensing Examination the last few years. This is critical to the success of future projects of SHIFA for which the company has acquired land in various locations to build quality hospitals and Centers of Excellence across Pakistan