Referring Physicians

Shifa perceives that the physicians’ community plays a vital role in healthcare delivery systems and expands the outreach of quality healthcare services to patient communities by utilizing their expertise. To synergize our mutual efforts to ultimately benefit patients, we look forward to facilitating your patients with quality and compassionate care.

How to Refer your Patients?

You can go through any of the following options to refer your patients to Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad.

OPD Appointment Call Center (051-8464646).

Your patients can contact OPD Appointment Call Center to get information about relevant specialty Consultants, available time slots, etc.

Patient Referral Form/ Note:
You are requested to send a Referral Note or specified Referral Form along with the referred patient. Please specify your patient’s history and advice for further diagnosis and treatment. It shall help us to later provide you patient feedback and to re-route the patients to you for routine and follow-up care.