Rehabilitation Services

The purpose of rehabilitation is to restore some or all of the patient’s physical, sensory, feeding, communication, and cognitive capabilities that were lost due to injury, illness, or disease. Rehabilitation includes assisting the patient to compensate for deficits that cannot be reversed medically and utilizing the existing capacities of the affected person.

Rehabilitation professionals also work on habilitation that is to help a child with achieving developmental skills when impairments have caused delaying or blocking of initial acquisition of the skills. Habilitation can include cognitive, social, fine motor, gross motor, or other skills that contribute to mobility, communication, and performance of activities of daily living and enhance the quality of life.

Each rehabilitation program is tailored to the individual patient’s needs and can include one or more types of therapy. Family members are often actively involved in the patient’s rehabilitation program.

Shifa Rehabilitation department is providing the following services;

  1. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist
  2. Physical Therapy Services.
  3. Speech Pathology and Therapy Services.
  4. Occupational Therapy Services.
  5. Autism and Applied Behavior Analyst Services
  6. Orthotic Care Services
  7. Vestibular Rehabilitation services
  8. Dysphagia (swallowing screening clinic)
  9. Cognitive rehabilitation
  10. Tele-therapy services

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Shifa Department of Rehabilitation

Shifa international hospital, rehabilitation department is a trusted and established service provider since 1995. Our therapists are trained in assessment & rehabilitation of people with developmental delays, congenital problems, acquired disabilities as well as neurological and complex disabilities. Every day, we help people improve their daily living skills, health and wellbeing following a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, and help those with long-term conditions like cerebral palsy, hearing impairments, Autism spectrum disorders, Parkinson’s, MS and MND manage their lives better. It’s both our expertise and our passion. The Rehabilitation Department is offering a wide range of services for both outpatients and inpatients.

Rehabilitation department offers thorough assessment by qualified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, Autism specialist, Speech pathologist/ therapists or occupational therapists as per need and prepare treatment plans. We help our patients by settings goals and outcomes that restore and maintain optimal independence. Our Rehabilitation program is goal-oriented and outcome-focused, moreover, we are offering structured training in the following areas:

  • Personal care health management and education
  • Self-care in activities of daily living and training
  • Disability adjustment, physical endurance, and community integration

Rehabilitation department provides services in IPD as well as in OPD

Inpatient services

Inpatient services are used mainly for people who are recovering from a hospitalization. We are offering multidisciplinary rehabilitation services in IPD including physical therapy, swallowing and speech assessment and management, occupational therapy and orthotics services. All assessments are performed using initial assessment forms, outcome measures are used and findings are documented in medical record on daily bases.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services provided to the patients who are referred from different SIH Clinics or outside hospital. We have initial assessment forms for different specialties and specific procedure rooms to cater individual requirements (including sensory integration rooms, rooms with floor sitting, low bed area, rehabilitation gym and noise proof rooms). We have standardized assessment tools which are used for measuring improvement over time. Findings are documented in medical record to ensure feedback to referral source.

Physical Therapy:

Approaches that fall within the scope of Physical Therapy practice include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Exercise & movement
  • Electro-physical modalities
  • Generic practical & technical skills

Speech Therapist & Speech pathology

  • Recognize, observe, and interpret signs and symptoms of potential problems in subject’s communication, cognition, and swallowing.
  • Deals with fluency and articulation problems
  • Specialize in voice disorders
  • Manage acquired neurological communication disorders (Dementia, dysarthria, aphasias)
  • Selection of augmentative alternative devices for complex progressive communication disorders
  • Dysphagia management (swallowing problems in Peads and adults, weaning off from tubal feeding using therapeutic interventions)
  • Design therapeutic plan
  • Educate caregivers to identify the presence of disruptions or special needs in infant’s and adult’s communication, cognition, feeding, and swallowing functions.

Occupational Therapist

  • Functional assessment based on FIM scale.
  • Evaluation for the need of splints, positioning devices,
  • Evaluation of need for home adaptation
  • Sensory integration therapy for ASD
  • Therapy to improve independence in ADL

Autism and Applied Behavior Analyst

  • Initial screening using standardized tools for autism spectrum disorders
  • Therapeutic management of behavioral issues
  • Specific therapies for patients with diagnosis of ASD

Orthotic Care Service    

  • Assessment for need of assistive devices
  • Supply of customized or prefab devices and education of patients accordingly
  • Measurement, impression taking, model rectification, fitting and alignment of orthosis
  • Postoperative management, external power, and static and dynamic alignment of sockets related to various amputation levels.

Hours of services provision

Monday to Saturday IPD OPD
Physical therapy 7am till 9pm 8.30 am till 7pm
Speech Therapy 7am till 7pm 8.30 am till 7pm
Occupational therapy 7am till 7pm 8.30 am till 7pm
Autism and behavior therapy N/A 8.30 am till 5pm
Orthotics & Prosthetic  services 8.30 am till 6pm 8.30 am till 6pm

Sunday and Gazette Holidays only in IPD (08:30-17:00)

For appointment Contact Rehabilitation Department

051-8463088 & 051-8463853

Dr. Khaula Ashraf Chowdary
Associate Consultant Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation