SHIFA’S Rehabilitation Department Organizes The 1st Local Pediatric Dysphagia Support Group


The activity was organized to provide a safe and supportive space for parents and caregivers of children with dysphagia. The goal of the group was to connect, share resources, and find encouragement.
Statistics indicate that approximately 10.5% of premature infants born before 37 weeks gestation have swallowing difficulties. Shifa International Hospital offers neonatal dysphagia screening and management services, with qualified speech pathologists and therapists available for assessment and management of swallowing difficulties in inpatient, outpatient, and home health settings. Early detection of dysphagia, evidence-based intervention, and rehabilitation are key to speedy recovery.
During the session, Mr. Kashif Khan, AGM Rehab helped parents understand appropriate feeding posture to ensure safety for children with compromised swallow mechanisms. Ms. Faiza Badar, Speech Pathologist, and Manager of Rehab, moderated the session. Parents were encouraged to share their challenges and success stories to motivate others.
Ms. Mahwish Zafar, Head Practitioner Speech Therapist, spoke about the red flags, signs of aspiration, and malnutrition in premature children, and shared different activities to make mealtimes more pleasant for the pediatric population. Ms. Saima Kanwal, Senior Occupational Therapist, addressed participants’ queries related to sensory issues resulting in feeding problems. Dr. Yasser Masood, Consultant Pediatrician, and Neonatologist, also joined the session and debunked existing myths about dysphagia management in society, highlighting the importance of speech therapy in managing pediatric dysphagia.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony Held at SIH