The Shifa Infection Control Department participated in the International Conference of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan (MMIDSP) held in Lahore.


The paper titled “Burkholderia Sepsis Outbreak: Multidisciplinary Investigations and Containment Strategies” was submitted for consideration to the MMIDSP Scientific Research Committee. It was accepted for oral presentation by the Infection Control Department of Shifa International Hospital. This highlights the importance of research in advancing knowledge in infection control.
The paper was written by Ms. Arifa Khatoon, Senior Manager of the Infection Control Department, while the oral presentation was delivered by Ms. Zarafashan Francis, an Infection Control Nurse at Shifa International Hospital. This success reflects the dedication and expertise within Shifa’s Infection Control Department, and Shifa International Hospital’s commitment to leading in the realm of infectious disease management and prevention.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony Held at SIH