Who can donate the Liver?

  • A blood relative (parents, children, brother/ sisters, cousins, etc.) who share same blood group with the patient
  • The average age of the donor should be between 18 and 50 years
  • Donor should be in good health with no major health problem
  • Living donation is not possible for all the donors due to medical and technical reasons

Risks to the Donor

As with any major surgery there are risks in this procedure, that include:

  • Problems with the anesthetic, wound infections, pneumonia and blood clots in the lungs or legs
  • Bleeding
  • Bile leakage / blockage
  • Psychological stress

These risks are fully explained when the donor meets the transplant team.
Note: any time during the process, the donor has the right to withdraw the consent to donate or the transplant team may decide it is not appropriate to proceed with the liver donation.