Work-up Process

Once the patient is referred to us we initially evaluate him/her for the following.
Does he/she really need a liver transplant?
Is there a contraindication for a liver transplant?
Is the patient fit enough to undergo major surgery?
After addressing all these issues patient is enlisted for a liver transplant and the donor works upstarts.
The transplant coordinator and transplant surgical team provide information to all patients and their families regarding living donations.
If a person wants to be considered as a potential living donor, the liver transplant team and coordinators start the process and organize a preliminary investigation for assessment. The investigation involves blood tests, chest X-rays, ECG, ultrasound, CT scan, Cardiac scan, lung functions, and finally if required a liver biopsy. There are also several important meetings with members of the transplant team (Surgeon, Physician, Cardiologist, Psychiatric anesthetist, etc) who help to determine the suitability for living donation and to ensure that you can donate liver safely or otherwise.