Diseases such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, renal diseases and liver disorders have been associated with modern living and lifestyles, which maybe symptom free at early stages.Cancer beyond a certain point in time may become fatal.
However, with early detection and proper medical guidance, these diseases or health risks can be treated or controlled. A major key to good health therefore lies in preventive medicine.
At the Shifa Executive Clinic (SEC), you can choose an Executive Health Check-Up that will suit your needs. Our executive health check-up is conducted on an out-patient basis. Various tests will be conducted to help determine your health and fitness level, as well as identify any potential health risks.When test results are ready, a medical report on the assessment of your overall health status will be prepared for you. Your specialist will be on hand to advice you on how to bring about positive change in lifestyle, or recommend early treatment in previously unsuspected disease. You will also have the advantage of direct referrals to other specialty services within SIH should you require further medical consultations.
  • Provide opportunity to assess your health status and risk factors.
  • Identify and treat illness at an early stage.
  • Initiate counseling, lifestyle modification and other appropriate intervention which may reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle.
  • Help you keep the best health conditions.