8 things you can do to support Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

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October 24, 2022

8 Things you can do to support Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, providing a chance to raise awareness for one of the major causes of deaths from cancer in women.

Breast Cancer is the type of cancer that is diagnosed most frequently worldwide. According to studies, one out of eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer, and one passes away from the disease every 13 minutes.

Despite the fact that breast cancer can affect both men and women of any age, older women are disproportionately more affected than those who are younger or middle-aged. Seniors from the age group most likely to develop breast cancer because the risk of the disease drastically rises with age. In fact, women aged 70 to 84 are diagnosed with breast cancer at a rate of about 24%. Additionally, with the ageing of the population, an increase in the annual diagnosis rate of breast cancer is anticipated.

Researchers concur that there are some risk factors that cannot be modified and that it is impossible to completely avoid cancer. They believe that developing breast cancer can be environmental or genetic, or even a combination of both.

Here are 8 ways you can support breast cancer awareness and help people get more informed and vigilant.

1. Wear pink

The universal breast cancer symbol is a pink ribbon. One simple approach to encourage those battling breast cancer is to wear a pink ribbon or pink clothing. Choose your favorite pink attire and implore your loved ones to do the same. This October, think pink creatively.

2. Participate in a marathon 

There are many successful breast cancer fundraising and education organizations in the world where a walk or marathon is held in order to raise awareness and show support for breast cancer. Proceeds from these events fund breast cancer foundations. Show your support and be a participant as well.

3. Volunteer for breast cancer awareness organizations

There are many regional and international volunteer organizations that promote breast cancer awareness. Many cancer hospitals in Pakistan welcome lots of volunteers where you can help healthcare specialists, nurses, and patients to show your support and be there for them in their good and bad times.

4. Help a cancer patient

You can support a loved one, friend or someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer in a variety of ways. You can plan meal deliveries, transportation, and other tasks for them. Through the use of an online social network and planner, you can assist in uniting the patient’s family, friends, and workplace. Keeping a cancer patient’s family informed about their condition can be a great source for those who are unable to take out time for their loved ones.

5. Share Facts & Statistics 

Share authentic facts & figures to guide people more about breast cancer. Some of the resources where you can get authentic information are, WHO, Healthline, & Mayo Clinic. Avoid believing in myths and get to know the real facts and information on cancer/breast cancer.

6. Educate yourself and others about cancer screenings.

A lot of women never anticipated being diagnosed with breast cancer until they were a victim of it. Knowing your breast cancer risk factors can aid in early discovery, which improves treatment options.

By encouraging your female friends and relatives to get their mammograms done and proper self-examination techniques of how to inspect their breasts for abnormalities, you can raise awareness of breast cancer.

Set a good example for others. In October, many clinics provide free mammograms. Make an appointment, and perhaps your loved ones will do the same.

7. Decorate a bulletin board.

Show your artistic side and create a bulletin board to place in a busy location, near your university or workplace with facts about breast cancer and how to screen for it.

Ask your friends & family to spread awareness by encouraging them to utilize their skills and do the same.

8. Decorate your workplace

Encourage your staff to use pink decorations to spruce up the office and their personal workspaces. To get your staff involved, you may conduct a competition for the best decorated cubicle/station to keep the spirit alive.

To raise awareness about breast cancer, you can also encourage your staff to hang signs and posters outside your office so others can be influenced too and participate in the good cause.


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