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Liver Transplant in Pakistan – A Milestone Achieved

Liver transplant is a treatment option for people with liver failure and for some people with liver cancer who have significant complications due to end-stage chronic liver disease. The chronic liver failure may be caused by a variety of conditions. Among other causes, Hepatitis B & C viruses remain the major cause of cirrhosis leading to liver failure and liver transplant. Cirrhosis is so far the most frequently cited reason for a liver transplant.

It is estimated that over 2.5 million people in Pakistan require Liver Transplantation at any stage during their treatment. The availability of sustainable and quality Liver Transplantation & Hepatobiliary surgery services in Pakistan is a great benefit to the local population, which previously had no option than to go overseas for the treatment.

Today, Pakistan is among the World’s leading nations who have been successfully providing Liver Transplantation services to their people in conformity with International quality & patient safety standards. It is a landmark achievement in Pakistan’s medical history that such a complex and advanced surgical treatment has been provided at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad to Pakistanis by utilizing the expertise of Pakistani healthcare professionals.


Dr. Zaheer Ahmad (Late) Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Chairman and CEO

Dr. Habib-ur-Rahman Chairman
Dr. Manzoor H. Qazi Chief Executive Officer

Medical Director

Dr. Zeeshan Bin Ishtiaque Medical Director

President, Medical Staff Executive Committee

Dr. Mazhar Ali Mufti President, Medical Staff Executive Committee

Directors, Medical Administration

Dr. Mian Amjad Sohail Director, Medicine & Allied
Dr. Darakhshan Jabeen Director PGME & CME
Dr. M. llyas Shakir CMO, SIH Faisalabad
Dr. Sheikh M. Ilyas Director, SMC F-11

Clinical Chiefs

Dr. Ghulam Siddiq Chief of Surgery
Dr. M. Amer Awan Associate Chief of Surgery
Dr. Syed Nayer Mahmud Chief of Medicine
Dr. Saeed Zameer Associate Chief of Medicine
Dr. Shazia Fakhar Chief of Obs&Gyne
Dr. Shahnaz Nawaz Associate Chief of Obs&Gyne
Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Chief Of Anesthesia & Pain Medicine
Brig (R). Dr. M. Zameer Associate Chief of Anesthesia & Pain Medicine
Dr. Ejaz A. Khan Chief of Pediatrics
Dr. Shahid Nazir Associate Chief of Pediatrics
Dr. Imran Nazir Ahmad Chief of Pathology
Dr. Nadira Mamoon Associate Chief of Pathology
Dr. Atif Rana Chief of Radiology
Dr. Rashed Nazir Associate Chief of Radiology
Dr. Abdus Salam Khan Director, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Haseeb Haider Zia Director Transplant Program

Division/Section Heads

Dr. AamnaBatool Dermatology Section Head
Dr. Osama Ishtiaq Endocrinology Section Head
Dr. M. Asad Saleem Cardiology Division Head
Dr. M. Ashraf Internal Medicine Division Head
Dr. MaimoonaSiddiqui Neurology Division Head
Dr. M. Ayaz Mir Medical Oncology Section Head
Dr. AftabAkhtar Pulmonolgy& Critical Care Section Head
Dr. Shafqat Hassan Cardiac Surgery Section Head
Dr. Farooq Afzal Ophthalmology Division Head
Dr. Sohail Hafeez Orthopedic Surgery Section Head
Dr. Mamoon Rashid Plastic Surgery Section Head
Dr. Inayatullah Khan Neuro Surgery Section Head
Dr. M. Amin ENT Section Head
Dr. Anwar Ali Shah Dental Surgery Section Head
Dr. M. Ayaz Khan Urology Division Head
Dr. Syed Farhat Abbas Nephrology Division Head
Dr. Abdul WahabYousafzai Psychiatry Section Head
Dr. Saeed Zameer Gastroenterology Division Head
Dr. Zafarullah Rheumatology Section Head
Dr. Khaula Ashraf Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Clinical) Section Head
Dr. Mohammad Amir General Surgery Division Head
Dr. Haseeb Haider Zia Liver Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery Section Head
Dr. AtharNiazRana Allergy & Immunology Section Head
Dr. ShahidNazir Neonatology Section Head
Dr. M. Farrukh Radiation Oncology Section Head
Dr. Salman A. Saleem Pain Management Section Head
Dr. Ejaz A. Khan Infectious Diseases Section Head
Dr. AqdasQazi Palliative Care Section Head
Dr. Anwar Ul Haq Pediatric Surgery Section Head
Dr. Ata Ullah Khan Pediatric ICU Section Head
Dr. M. Zameer Head of SICU Section Head

Section Heads – Laboratory

Dr. Imran N. Ahmad Molecular Lab & Flow Cytometery Lab Section Head
Dr. Shawana Kamran Cytogenetic Lab Section Head
Dr. Ayesha Junaid Blood Transfusion Services & Hematology Lab Section Head
Dr. Ghazanfar Abbas Chemistry Lab Section Head
Dr. M. Usman Microbiology Lab Section Head
Dr. NadiraMamoon Histopathology Lab Section Head
Dr. Tahir Aziz Immunology Lab Section Head

Section Heads – Radiology

Dr. BelqeesYawar Faiz MRI Section Head
Dr. SanamYasir CT Section Head
Dr. RaheelaAqeel Ultrasound Section Head
Dr. Sana Sayeed Mammography Section Head
Dr. Zahid Amin Khan Interventional Radiology Section Head
Dr. Madiha Saeed Wahla Fluoroscopy Section Head
Dr. Salma Gul X-Ray Section Head

Shifa International Hospitals Transplant Program

Dr. Haseeb Haider Zia Liver Transplant Director Program
Dr. Zeba I. Matin Corneal Transplant Director Program
Dr. M. Ayaz Khan Kidney Transplant Director Program
Dr. M. Ayaz Mir Bone Marrow Transplant Director Program

Hospital Administration

Aziz Ahmed Jan Chief Operating Officer
Muhammad Zahid Executive Director Planning & Development
Dr. Omar Imtiaz Hasan Director, Shifa External Services
Dr. Zeeshan Bin Ishtiaque Director Quality Assurance
Ahmad Sana Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Kashif Haqqi Chief Information Officer
Taimoor Shah Director Quality
Brig ® Abu Bakr Amin Bajwa Chief Supply Chain Officer
Imran Farooqi Administrator Lab & Marketing Services
Dr. Malik Imad Khan Administrator Allied Services
Malik Muhammad Uzair Administrator HR & Diagnostics
Brig. (R) Dr. Lubna Sohail Administrator PED
Col. Dr. Muhammad Naeem (R) Administrator (Evening)
Nuzhat Sultana Director of Nursing Education
Mohammad Aslam General Manager Credit & Collection
Afzaal Ahmed General Manager Regulatory Affairs
Shams-Ur-Rehman Abbasi General Manager, Accounts & Finance
Amer Farooq Senior Editor (Associate General Manager)
Aziz Ur Rashid Administrator, SIH Faislabad Hospital
Nabeel Ahmad Malik Associate General Manager Business Development
Zarshad Associate General Manager, FMD
Erasto Gonzales Brombuela Associate General Manager OR
Shuja Rauf Associate General Manager Marketing & Media