1 in Every 2 People worldwide currently living with Diabetes is Undiagnosed

Shifa holds Diabetes Awareness Seminar under the patronage of Senator Khush Bakht Shujat, (Chairman Senate Standing Committee on NHSR&C)

World Diabetes Day is a primary global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes and is held on 14 November each year worldwide. According to the Pakistan Endocrine Society, overall diabetes prevalence in Pakistan is 19% and over 522 million people are currently living with diabetes globally. 1 in every 2 people worldwide, currently living with diabetes is undiagnosed. As per the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, in 2014, the average cost of all basic expenses excluding consultation fees and medical tests in Pakistan was Rs. 5542 per month, per patient. Shifa International Hospital observed this day by arranging an awareness seminar. The Chief Guest Senator Khush Bakht Shujat (Chairperson, Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services Regulations & Coordination) while addressing the seminar to commemorate World Diabetes Day, said that the theme of the day in 2019 is about protecting your family by raising awareness of the impact of diabetes and promoting the role of the family in the management, care, prevention & education of diabetes. She stressed the need to educate the communities to restrain inactive lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise, which are among major controllable factors to prevent diabetes prevalence. She emphasized that early diagnosis & treatment are key elements to prevent the extra financial burden, complications of diabetes and achieve healthy outcomes.

Consultant Endocrinologist at Shifa International Hospital, Dr. Osama Ishtiaq, said that mostly the diabetic cases are of type 2 diabetes, which is largely preventable through regular physical activity and a balanced diet. Type 1 diabetes is not preventable but it can be managed with  insulin injections. Consultant Endocrinologist SIH, Dr. Umar Yousaf Raja Khan explained that Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it produces. Long-term high glucose levels are associated with damage to the body and failure of various organs & tissues. Diabetes is a leading cause of heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, & lower limb amputation. Dr. Manzoor H. Qazi (CEO, SIH), Dr. Zeeshan Bin Ishtiaque (Medical Director, SIH) & Mr. Taimoor Shah (COO, SIH) thanked the honorable chief guest and audience for their valued participation.