The Cancer Center at Shifa International Hospital is a center of excellence for diagnosis and treatment of various Cancer types in Pakistan since early 1990’s. The hospital has a state of the art treatment facility for cancer patients supported by latest technological equipment and internationally experienced and board certified multidisciplinary team of medical, radiation, surgical oncologists, and radiologists. The Center offers treatments for a wide variety of cancer treatments.

Cancer is a group of diseases that occur due to unchecked abnormal growth of body’s cells which spread later making the immune system so weak that it is impossible to fight back. It is estimated that each year 150,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in Pakistan. The high prevalence is contributed by number of factors. The most common risk factors of cancer include unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to chemicals and radiations.

Shifa International Hospital takes pride in being a 24/7 support facility for chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant patients. Hospital is also equipped with a state of the art Linear Accelerator and CT Simulator (Wide Bore) used for accurate visualization of tumors and normal tissues in each individual patient so that accurate targeting of tumors and protection of normal tissues can be ensured.