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What are the most common ear problems?

The most frequent problems that patients usually face are hearing loss and ear discharge/ pain.

Do ENT doctors treat the thyroid?

Yes, they can treat thyroid masses, neck masses, lumps and growths. They are skilled at performing advanced head and neck surgeries as well.

What does the ENT Specialist treat?

If you have a health problem with your head or neck, your doctor might recommend that you see an otolaryngologist/ENT specialist. That’s someone who treats your ears, nose, or throat as well as related areas in your head and neck.

How do you feel if you have a bacterial infection in your throat?
  • Difficult and painful swallowing
  • High grade fever
  • Cough with sputum production
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
When should someone see an ENT?

If you have symptoms of chronic nasal stuffiness, difficulty swallowing, sudden hoarseness of voice, repeated ear discharge with hearing loss, you should see an ENT. Also, trauma/ injury to the head and neck area is also looked after by ENT. They also treat cancers of the head and neck, along with thyroid cancer.

Breast Cancer

What are the initial symptoms of Breast Cancer?
  • New lump in the breast or underarms.
  • Pain in the breast
  • Discharge from the nipple, other than breast milk
  • Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area.
  • Inward pulling of the nipple
What are the four types of Breast Cancer?
  1. Ductal
  2. Lobular
  3. Invasive
  4. Metastatic
What does Breast Cancer pain feel like?

Breast cancer can cause pain, tenderness, and discomfort in the breast. Although breast cancer is often painless, some people may experience burning sensation, along with inward pulling of the nipple, or dimpling of the overlying skin. It is important not to ignore any signs or symptoms that could be due to breast cancer

How to tell if a lump is Cancerous?

Lumps that are cancerous are generally large, hard, and typically painless when touched and they appear spontaneously. The mass will grow rapidly over a period of time, and they do not disappear on their own.

Where does Breast Cancer Spread first?

The first place where breast cancer potentially spreads is in the lymph nodes inside the breast, near the collarbone, and the armpits. This is local spread, beyond these sites it is distant metastasis.

Prostate Cancer

What are the first warning signs of Prostate Cancer?
  • Frequent Urination usually at night.
  • Difficulty in starting or stopping urination.
  • Blood in urine or semen.
  • Experiencing a burning or painful sensation, especially during ejaculation or urination.
  • Sudden erectile dysfunction.
What is the main cause of Prostate Cancer?

Some common factors associated with prostate cancer include the intake of saturated animal fat, red meat, and excessive calcium intake, Others include obesity, positive family history, and exposure to radiation seen in factory / chemical plant workers. Also, factors which increase testosterone production increase the risk of prostate cancer

How quickly does Prostate Cancer spread?

Prostate cancer usually does not lead the race progressively unlike other types of cancer. Cancer may take up to 15 years to spread to other parts of the body, generally the bones. Often times the life span of a man is not affected by prostate cancer.

Can Prostate Cancer be cured?

Definitely, prostate cancer can be cured, if detected and treated in the early stages. The best part about prostate cancer is that it is discoverable at the early stages, hence making the tumors more likely to respond to the treatment.

Is Prostate Cancer a Death Sentence?

With modern screening tests and cutting-edge technology, prostate cancer is no longer a fatal disease. Timely surveillance and intervention can save lives

Health & Wellness

Daily Exercise

Religiously following the regime of exercising every day will keep those unwanted calories at bay. It also improves your overall mood and body by keeping you fresh, healthy, and proactive all day long. A daily brisk walk of 30 minutes duration is highly recommended.

Eat Right

Making healthier choices in your 3-time meals, will not only boost your health performance, in fact, it will also improve your organ function as well. It is important to consume all the recommended food groups in a balanced proportion.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep to function for the next day is really important and if this biological clock is disrupted by artificial engagements such as smartphones or Netflix, it may meddle with your sleep and wake cycle which may cause mood swings and insomnia. It is recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.


The emotional and mental well-being of any individual is really important. Motivating yourself to be productive every day requires you to care for yourself first.

Drink plenty of water

Always keep your body hydrated all the time! Starting from today, make a habit of drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, unless advised not to do so by your doctor for certain health conditions.